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Our Services: Talent Searches and Workshops

With over 10 years of experience working in a contingency firm in Accounting and Finance and 10 years of management experience owning a sales and marketing firm, Dubin & Lee is able to guide both businesses seeking talent and candidates seeking a career move to find the right fit.

For Accounting & Finance talent, we make certain we understand what your career objectives are, we work with you through resume coaching, interview preparation and much more. We coach you on how to research each position to assure it’s what you are looking for then explain how to go about getting the position.

If you are a business that is seeking Corporate Accounting & Finance talent, we make certain we understand your criteria for the position then we screen each of the candidates to ensure they are in line with your needs for the role before presenting the candidate to you. Dubin & Lee takes the time to get to know each of their business clients to enable the right person being interviewed. We realize interviews can take time to complete so we try to minimize your time spent on the search by presenting the right candidate for the position.

At Dubin & Lee we believe that when there is a win-win employer to employee match, it is always WORTH THE SEARCH!

Also, in an effort to get as many talented, driven, enthusastic people back to works as possible we facilitate career workshops, trainings and seminars.  Learn more about our workshops.

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